De-Sign Therapy is a leading-edge design service that fuses the principles of energy design with personal transformation, creating aligned design and decor that is truly yours. 


At De-sign Therapy,
we understand every person has a deep memory of the way “home” is meant to be.  Through all the design changes and purchases we make in a home, it is this deep memory we are seeking, often unconsciously. 

A home requires harmony between the space and the people who live there.  When this occurs, your home design aligns which improves your state of well-being and helps manifest the desires of your heart in ways you may have forgotten.

The power of a home lies in the relationship between the inner and outer, the individual human heart and the environment, and we understand firsthand how objects and space impact both of these.

Now more than ever the world needs homes that can be a powerful place, for it is then wellness and manifestation can occur to its full potential.

If you are ready to discover more deeply the relationship between you and your home, De-sign Therapy invites you to consider a variety of services for optimal living.



 Home Balancing


To accomplish opening the full potential of your home, the energy required must be calm, tranquil and peaceful.  This is helped by removing stagnant unwanted energies in a home. 

In-House De-Sign + De-Clutter


See what belongs and what doesn't in your home. A tranquil mind and emotional body requires a supportive environment. Release hidden artifacts that no longer serve the changes that you need to uplift your home and life. 

Generation Gems™


Children are sensitive beings. Sometimes their insights and gifts seem fantastical and are ignored by the adults in their life. This can cause pain and discomfort for them and those they live with.  


Manifesting Full Potential for What is Possible for a Home to Be.